Gallery and Reports

Food and Flowers 2023

A day enjoyed by over members in Darley Village Hall with a large screen and clear audio provided so we could all see the detail of the cookery demonstration in the morning and a flower extravagance demonstration in the afternoon. A super lunch was served by the catering team prepared mainly on site allowing time for chat.

Wacky Wreaths - November 23

Here is  a photo of wreaths created at Alma House - the workshops at Hellifield where two different days were arranged due to the popularity of this event produced equally good wreaths

Hellifield 9 November 2023

Two days later in Hellifield  concentration created another set of brilliant wreaths

Alma House 7 Nov 23

Beginners Water Colours 24 Oct 2023

Below are two photos showing what attendees achieved in the morning and their second effort after lunch showing the achievement.

Cream Tea and Author Jane Robinson - Ladies Can't Climb Ladders

Jane dedicating book, Sue selling Raffle tickets and members tucking into scones and cream

Ukraine International Day

Please see below some images from the International Day on Saturday 16 September which was organsied by Public Affairs Team, catered by NYWFWI catering team but all the presentations were organised by The Ukrainian Womesn Organisation many of who belong to groups in Bradford and West Yorkshire

Autumn Bounty

Kilnsey Show

Membership team were flying the flags at the Kilnsey Show with several people interested in joining the WI as well as meeting up with current members.

Five images from Washday at Coronation Hall - 27 July 2023

Lucy in 1940's and Lucy in Victoria  Dress

Washday Mistake or is it Dying?

BOT Member demonstrating skills??

Ready to work??

GYS 2023

Final Day - same format but different faces deliver same very well received and complemented on experience provided by WI member volunteers.

GYS Day 2

GYS Day 1 Images

Preparation for the Show - Cleaning

40th Celebrations around the Federation

4 venues on different days offered the opportunity for members to enjoy  a reflective look back at 40 years of North Yorkshire West, a chance to view close up the wall hangings from Alma House and in true WI tradiition a chance to enjoy tea/coffee cake and scone. We met at Long Preston and Alma House in May and Crakehall and Dacre  in June

Her is a picture from Crakehall

The presentation can be downloaded here

Bridgewater and Jodrell Bank Trip 2023

A long day in warm Summer Weather - see some images from the day.

Annul Meeting Cardiff 2023

Delegates in Alma House watched via Zoom

And here are some images captured from the zoom screen

40th Celebration

The Presentation of the Celebration of 40 Years of the Federation  can be downloaded here in pdf format.

Picture from Alma House Celebration

Spring Council 2023  - 22 April 2023  @ Tennants Leyburn

Here are some photos of the day - if you would like original photos for your records please let the office know. The versions here are reduced size jpg for website download speeds, the originals quality in PNG.

The Presentation of the Celebration of 40 Years of the Federation which was projected during coffee and lunch can be downloaded here in pdf format.



New Members Meetings 30 March 2023

New membes were welcomed to Alma House and enjoyed presentations about the role of  National and Federation and opportunity to access My WI,Website and Facebook.

Embsay With Eastby WI 30th Party

Celebrated 30 years since their formation with a cake and party - Congratulations.

Climate Change Workshop 18 March 2023

This was a very successful event and enjoyed by all those who attended.  We started with a welcome cup of tea or coffee.  This was followed by a talk from John of Chevin Cycles with his electric bike and the positives of leaving the car behind for short journeys.  Ian from Minster Cars then followed with the benefits of driving a fully electric car.  Time to test out these 2 products.  Oh no it started to rain.  Some brave ladies did give the bike a try.

Roger from the Woodland Trust was our first speaker.  He explained the work of the Woodland Trust and the importance of trees to help curb climate change.  The ongoing woodland management and the planting of many thousands more native trees around the country.

Antony was our second speaker.  He spoke about the changes that are happening in the world and the disappearing ice from the seas.  The Thames Barrier was built to protect London from floods, this will have to be changed to meet the potential of higher seas.  The areas at risk to flooding are London, The Wash the Severn estuary and Hull.

Our third speak was John from Zero Carbon.  He told us of the work that Zero Carbon are highlighting around the issues we have with losing heat from our homes.  New builds should be fine but older properties need to have a ‘jumper’ put around them to keep the warm air from escaping through our floors, doors, walls etc.   Lots of ideas from the cheap to more expensive.

We also had side stalls highlighting the issues around Palm oil and how it is damaging the environment, the production of the foods we eat contributing to global greenhouse emissions and checking your own carbon footprint.

Lots of tea/coffee and was drunk and biscuits eaten.  Everyone who came thoroughly enjoyed the experience and went home with more information about climate change and the part we can all play to help reduce the amount of waste and carbon released into the

Returners Watercolour Workshop

See the results of the attendees today when they returned to paint a seascape and work from real life pots of flowers - Gail Evans as a tutor is obviously talented when these are the result of two sessions.

All heads down - what you can't see is all the chatting as well!

Ripon Centre Celebrates 95 Years

Ripon Centre WI celebrated its 95th year at the January meeting. President, Lesley Manser decorated a cake and members and visitors each had a piece with their cup of tea.

Our oldest member, Madeline Collard, also 95 in January, was given a card, a bottle of wine and we asked her to blow out the candles as we sang “happy birthday” to both her and our WI.