Fed and Nat Competitions

Our Yorkshire Federation 1920-2020 Challenge

Please send an article possibly with photographs relating to something memorable that has happened during your membership. It can be anything, your choice completely; ideas such as visiting the Albert Hall, going to Denman, organising a special event either in your own Institute or attending a Federation event, even the first impression you received visiting a WI for the first time. One thing that I have never forgotten is in 1975, shortly after joining the WI, I volunteered to make a jar of Lemon Curd for a Group Show. The comment from the judge, “the rind was too coarse"! I couldn't believe it, so next time I entered a jar so fine she couldn't find anything to comment on it! I have never forgotten that.
So, it simply can be anything at all, all I ask is you send your article via email to the Office (details on the front of the newsletter), giving your name, Institute and the year it occurred, if possible, before 1st July 2020.